Portrait of young business man holding neck with pain

If you are hurt while working, it doesn’t matter whose fault the accident is. If you work for someone with more than 3 employees, then your employer is still responsible for your medical expenses; you are entitled to receive a percentage of your salary if your injury takes you out of work more than one week.

If you have a serious injury you may be entitled to additional compensation, and at some point you may want to settle your case. But beware of rushing to settle, and of lawyers who pressure you to settle too fast. It is difficult to get good objective medical care from a workers’ compensation medical provider, so you may not yet know the real scope of your injury and disability. In some instances you may be able to change or choose your doctor. We can help and guprocess, and help you determine the best time to settle.

A workers’ compensation case is primarily against the insurance company for the employer. That insurance company will sometimes discontinue benefits when they shouldn’t, leaving you in crisis. They often pressure the employer to offer “light duty” work within restrictions that your employer cannot really accommodate. The insurer may send a “nurse case manager” to the doctor with you who will pressure the doctor to return you to work or downplay your injury. They may even literally have detectives spying on you. What you don’t know can hurt you. With all the effort that goes into trying to stop paying you, or to minimize what you are entitled to, you really need someone on your side with experience and understanding.

With The Brice Law Firm you will have an attorney by your side at every meeting, mediation, deposition and hearing. If your compensation is improperly denied we will immediately seek a hearing, attorney’s fees and penalties against the insurer on your behalf. If you are already receiving weekly benefits, and we feel your case will have good settlement potential in the future, then there is no fee until settlement or payment of an impairment rating, unless your benefits get cut off and we have to fight to recover them. It just makes sense to put us on your team. We will answer your questions, explain your options, and fight for your rights.

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